HC Straight Snow Plow

Straight Plow for Municipal Plow Trucks

Bonnell High Country Straight Snow Plows are designed for removing snow at high-speeds in rural areas and interstate highways. The standard extended roll moldboard is designed to move the snow to the discharge end of the plow more efficiently. This prevents the snow from blowing over the top of the plow. This plow produces the same results when plowing to the left or to the right.

Bonnell's many standard features are what set us apart from our competition. These features, outlined above, include the 7” x 4” x ½” fully boxed bottom angle which adds strength to keep the moldboard from bending. We also insert a 3” x 3” poly bushing into the top and bottom of both trip bars to absorb shock from tripping. The poly bushing provides cushion, making hitting an obstruction less intense and safer on the driver, plow, truck and the road.

Plows are available with steel or poly moldboards.

Meeting the demands of Mother Nature in the winter is a tough job. You need a tough plow to get you through the harshest conditions. Bonnell High Country series snow plows will clear the way.

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