Power Reversing Under Body Scraper

Reversing Scraper for Municipal Plow Trucks

The Bonnell Power Reversing Under Body Scraper is available in 10', 11' or 12' lengths, and is power reversable up to 45 degrees left or right. The Scraper has a 1" thick .40/.50 carbon steel moldboard with a 20" tall, smooth formed inside radius, offset to accommodate the cutting edge.

The scraper is equipped with 4" twin power reverse cylinders and a 3/4" thick A656 Grade 80 reversing table and side mount plates, providing a heavy duty, yet lightweight design. Twin down pressure cylinders with spring cushion provide positive down pressure on the road surface.

Painted black with conspicuity tape provided for safety. Let the Bonnell Under Body Scraper clear your roads of hardpacked snow and ice, and maintain your secondary roads!

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