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Plow: 11ST49MC7QE    S/N 7631

Color: Orange

Base Model 10ST49MC7 Straight steel snow plow

10'-0" Cutting Edge x 49" Straight Height Moldboard Trip 

(2) Heavy Duty Compression Spring Assemblies

(2) 3x10 Reversing Cylinders

(5) Table To Moldboard Hookup Points 


Chain Lift only (no saddle) reversible plows (for use with telescopic lift arm on hitch)

Quick Attach loop mounted on swivel bar and installed on any plow 

10" Kingpinles steel casters (set of 2 installed) 

3/8" x 12" Rubber flap kit installed

36" Blaze orange markers

Cushion valve-installed to plow 

Standard 5/8"x6" C1084 Steel cutting edge

3/4"x6" Universal curb shoes (installed on right end of plow)

3/4"x6" Universal curb shoes (installed on left end of plow)

Moldboard shoes installed 

NEW Bonnell 10' Straight Metro Plow

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